KFC Chicken Smuggling in the Middle East

What a week for black Conservatives. First Obama has the worst week in his “residency,” and now redemption in chicken.

In what may be one of the strangest stories I have read in a while, it appears that smuggling KFC is BIG in the Middle East. Black people have been saying for years that chicken is DELICIOUS. Who knows; chicken could possibly have ended fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Christian Science Monitor reports:

KFC may be one of the stranger products to come through the hundreds of smuggling tunnels between Egypt and Gaza that have sprung up in the past six years in response to Israeli restrictions on imports to the Hamas-run territory, which allow cars, sailboats, motorcycles, weapons, fish, and now even drumsticks into the tiny coastal territory. While Egypt has a border crossing at Rafah, it is limited to foot traffic, and Cairo has so far refrained from opening a commercial crossing and thus risking Israel’s ire.

Ironically, one of the reasons smugglers agreed to start dealing in KFC is because Israel’s easing of restrictions on trade since the November cease-fire with Hamas has dealt a serious blow to the tunnel business.

Hungry businessmen

The KFC delivery service in Gaza started with a hankering rather than a business plan.

Mohammed al-Madani, financial manager of al-Yamama company, says the employees of the company decided to order some meals for themselves from the KFC restaurant in the neighboring Egyptian city of al-Arish.

Someone from the company contacted a friend in al-Arish, asking him to make the order and then bring it through the tunnels; the whole process just took three hours.

“Then we asked ourselves, ‘Why don’t we provide this service for Gazans?'” says Mr. al-Madani.


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