Mom Story #2

My Mother was a hoot! She kept us laughing, but she never meant to be funny. There are so many stories, but I will share one! To appreciate this, you would have to know my Mother loved to find good deals. She shopped Kmart, and loved clearance items. Our daughters, her grand-daughters would get bags full of clearance items at Christmas and we called them the never-ending bags.

You have to know my Mother was a wonderful Christian lady, and we attended a very conservative Southern Baptist Church. One Sunday I noticed she had a black blingy shirt under her jacket, didn’t think much about that, probably a Kmart special, I thought. Well when we got up to leave I noticed it had Las Vegas written across it, a dancing girl, and a cowboy smoking. I exclaimed “Mom you wore that to church” and of course she looked down, and I told her what all it had on it. She never noticed, but said, “well it was on clearance and I paid $3. for it.” That is only one of her many antics.

I lost my Mother 4 years ago, and my Dad grieved so much, he died 4 months later. It was such a loss for me, as my Mother was my best friend, and my Dad too! God gave me a gift, when I was leaving their house for the last time after my siblings and I sold it. It was empty, onl a solitary chair where I knelt down in sorrow, and I said aloud to God, “will I ever see them again” I opened my eyes and looked where I was kneeling and right next to me lay a promise card, my Mother had those at times. I picked it up and read it and was amazed…”The Lord knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever. Psalm 37:18.” God answered me at a time He knew I needed to hear from Him! I know that part is not funny…but had to share it!


Mary Jefferson Rabon

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you….Phil. 1:3

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