Obama Era Takes Sex Back to the Stone Age

Progressive Liberal Utopians (Plutopians) claim that they wish to move things “forward,” however they always seem to take America backwards.

They anointed a pseudo-black man president under the guise of uniting. And what better uniter than a man who, in theory, knows the cultures of blacks and whites. Let’s face it, black and white are  dipoles on the color line.

Obama has failed to unite blacks and whites at all, and in fact has taken America back into the 1860’s except now whites are enslaved to blacks.

The Great Uniter Barack has accomplished the very same with women, though Liberal woman are too “intelligently ignorant” to realize it. “Realize what,” you say?

Realize that in the Era of Obama — when Liberalism flourished — women have been dragged back to the time of the cave man.

 Yes, Liberal women have come full circle. In the time of the cave man, women were objects. The stronger sex –yes men– had no Dr. Phil to explain equality. If the cave man wanted sex, he took it. I don’t have the stats on rape in America, but I would bet that there are more sexual assaults today, than there were in the 1950s; amazing, given the amount of promiscuity. Sexual assault really is a crime of power, because unless a rapist looks like Quasimodo, there are a plethora of women at the ready–taxpayer-funded contraception in hand.

The latest is the morning after pill. Liberals say this pill is the end all and be all. Young girls won’t have to be parents too early…you know, like in the days of the cave man, when girls were impregnated at 12 or 13.

Yes, this is true. However the expected lifespan of the average cave “person” was 30!

Liberals argue that children shouldn’t be parents, but they condone sex at an early age. In what they will rationalize as the quest for knowledge, Liberals teach 2nd-graders about condoms, using bananas as props.

They say this prevents kids from having kids. But what they won’t admit is that it encourages kids to have sex. Kids don’t understand the nuances of sex, the psychological impact. Truth be told, most adults don’t understand the psychological impact of sex.

How many of us have vacillated about whether we did the right thing after having likely done what we know is the wrong thing?

Yes, the morning after pill is another win for Liberalism, and a big loss for mankind. Make a “mistake”, and take a pill. To paraphrase Liberals’ fearless leader,

“You don’t have to be burdened with a baby.”

Perhaps. But the psychological burdens that America’s young women will endure could be far reaching.

Welcome back the Stone Ages Liberal women.

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