Obama Gave Order for IRS Intimidation

When the truth comes out the IRS intimidation scandal join the media lapdogs and land right in Obama’s crowded lap. How does the nation’s biggest bully decide to bully those opposed to their boss? It’s certainly not through initiative.

Government bureaucrats are smart enough to never use initiative. Being pro-active is reserved for the private sector. Bureaucrats are well-trained minions who get and follow orders. In that respect, civilian bureaucrats are more disciplined than the military, even willing to go to JAIL for their superiors.

So how did the IRS intimidation scheme get hatched?

Some mid-level bureaucrat wanting to move up in the ranks floated the idea to his or her boss. The idea found its way into the Oval Office, and Obama LOVED IT!

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Of course the idea was to be implemented where Obama would have plausible deniability. Here are the litany of excuses:

“The IRS is a separate organization.”

“The President found out the same way all of you did.”

SERIOUSLY! The excuse for the Chief Executive of the United States is to say, “I knew nothing!”


As Obama has demonstrated in every election he has won, he is willing to do anything, and I do mean ANYTHING to win. Obama will lie, cheat, intimidate…whatever.

The recap: Obama has accepted questionable donations from the Middle East, and  created undeniably false narratives against all opponents, even calling one a sex-addict. Obama rigged the voter registration in his run for state Senate, then used the information of HIS fraud against his future opponent. He sanctioned the intimidation of voters in PA, and in the last election he allowed rigged voting machines.

“Obama is so corrupt in election shenanigans, he has other African dictators shaking their heads!” – Kevin Jackson

So the notion that Obama would not authorize the IRS to intimidate Romney supporters is patently ridiculous. The IRS was just one more arrow in his quiver. Obama wanted to limit Romney’s donations with a shot over the bow to donors. If you donate to Romney, you will be targeted.


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