Obama: “I have complete confidence in Holder.”

Obama has complete confidence in HolderSure Obama has complete confidence in Holder; because the incompetent don’t recognize incompetence. Holder and Obama are in lockstep in the destruction of America as Conservatives know it.

The IRS scandal is proof that Liberals are out to get us, so “HOW CAN WE FIGHT BACK?”

You’ve asked me what to do, and my team STEPPED UP! We began a project that is scaring the crap out of Liberals, because Liberals don’t want our message outside of the Conservative echo chamber.

But we DARE to MARKET CONSERVATISM to the black community! Beginning June 3, blacksĀ  will no longer hear only ONE SIDE of the discussion, as our ADS WILL RUN ON BLACK RADIO STATIONS.

But we need your help. My team stepped up and have already spent over $10K on this project with development of ads and buying the first spots. We need a CONTINUAL EFFORT, in order to make a difference.

If you believe in my work and this project, DONATE.

Finally, JOIN US. Get our newsletters and learn more about our work!

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