So You Think Your Day Started Badly?

Acura wreckage

At 3am this morning, I took that call. It sounded like somebody was coming into my house, and I went into Ninja mode. As it turns out, it wasn’t Hillary calling to ask for my advice, but a woman had rammed my car 15 feet into my other vehicle. The force of the impact of Car 1 into Car 2, caused Car 2 to end up TWO feet in the street.

The woman tried to back her large Ford SUV up and run, however it was not operational.

She gets out of her vehicle, saying “OMG, I’m going to jail.” She was crying and wailing, but I had no sympathy, as I know she was about to run off, until I got her license plate and another neighbor came outside to witness it as well–she has run over his motorcycle.

She said she blacked out, and since she had no liquor on her breath, I believe her. She was concerned that she would never be able to drive again–let’s see, blacking out behind the wheel unexpectedly? DUH!

I also got to hear that she had just delivered a vacuum cleaner back to her mom who I now know lives less than two miles from me.

Her boyfriend shows up, supposedly with insurance info. He assesses the damage, then looks at me and says,

“She done messed up my sh*t!”

I replied,

“Yeah, your sh*t is totalled…as is MY sh*t!”

He glanced at my car, then gave me the look that we are both f’d.

After prodding by me, the cops on the scene asked him about insurance, and he said that is was HER vehicle. “Ruh roh, Scoobie!

He then said that he had the insurance that the car dealer provided for them to buy the car (a year ago), and he believes it to be Guard Dog insurance. Needless to say, it’s going to be a bad day for me, and cost so far is $1K.

Does ObamaKill cover cars? Anybody…anybody?

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