Weiner Stumps in Harlem

Anthony Weiner knows who is most likely to forgive a sex-crazed Democrat scoundrel, and that’s black Liberals.

Liberals in general are “forgiving,” when it comes to scandals, particularly those involving sex or drugs, but black Liberals are the BEST!

Kwame Kilpatrick and Jesse Jackson, Jr. are scoundrels, and there are countless others. Bill Clinton has been ordained the first black president, BECAUSE he is a scoundrel.

Black Liberals don’t mind when black leaders steal money from the taxpayers or get caught in cocaine sting operations by the Fed. Black Liberals have been taught that forgiveness gets you trinkets in the form of EBT cards and Obama phones, so forgiveness is the word…spread the word!

Weiner knows this, which is why he is hit Harlem on his “Forgiveness Tour” of NY.

All he needs is to appear with a couple of black pastors, keep a few black minions around him, then perhaps he can become the new plantation owner of NYC. HuffPo describes his mayoral campaign stop in Harlem:

At a Democratic political forum in the Bronx in which he faced some of his political opponents for the first time, Weiner was greeted with warm applause after delivering a speech that included an apology.

“I’m sorry,” he told the forum. “You put a great deal of hope and confidence in me, and I did some very embarrassing things.”

Weiner is sorry all right. Sorry he got caught. What he wants is to feel that power again. And he knows that Democrats like the sob story, especially black Democrats. He will remind them that he is “one of them.” One of the downtrodden.

There is a part of me that hopes NYC elects Weiner. Because they certainly would know what they are getting. The shaft.

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