When Government Attacks: Benghazi

I understand if the government needs to keep secrets for real national security concerns.


Though most Conservatives can handle the truth, most Liberals are too stupid to be told everything. Liberals must have the truth explained slowly, the same way you would explain things to a child. Because Liberals live in cocoons of ignorance, they skip this necessary comprehension part of development. Most have parents even more stupid than they, so stupidity is passed on like great-great-grandma’s wedding dress.

The government relies on this, and in fact has a system in place to maintain a level of ignorance in the populace. Thus, the government doesn’t have to explain itself. And that is why more heads have not rolled over Benghazi–pardon the reference to peaceful Islam.

Our government is playing CYA with Benghazi and is bullying the people who know what happened. State Department and CIA insiders want to explain what they know about Benghazi, but they are afraid to do so.

We’ve seen the movies about what happens to whistleblowers with the Fed.

What do you do, when you can’t report on the shenanigans of your government? When government is so powerful, that it won’t contain itself? A government that sets out to SHUT DOWN anybody who can present evidence that GOVERNMENT is the bully.

Where is the anti-bullying campaign against the Obama administration, an administration who hides behind “national security” for everything. The most transparent administration ever…as they hide HORRORS in plain sight.

The latest meme is Benghazi happened a long time ago. Last time I checked, there is no statue of limitation on murder.


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