Wright’s Chickens Roosting in Italy!

The Left harps incessantly about America’s supposed entrenched racism.

In spite of the fact that on January 1st, 1863, slaves were freed by Republican President Abraham Lincoln, and subsequent amendments erased government-enforced prejudice. And it has been the Republican Party that championed the notion that, as articulated by Martin Luther King Jr. (yes, a Republican), all men should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

And yet, the Leftists/Democrats deal the race card at all times and in every circumstance. Those handy, dandy race cards serve to feed bitterness in the black community and keep those victimhood chips solidly on black shoulders, not to mention corralling blacks onto the Dem Plantation.

But for all the Rev Wrights and others preaching about America’s deserved chickens roosting, and all the comparisons to “enlightened” (socialist) Europe, none of these spewing America-hatred ever take a real look at Europe, and in particular Italy.

But lo and behold, articles are now surfacing which recount the recent “integration” of immigrants (most notably from Africa) in Italy, and the resistance to said immigrants by the close-minded, neo-Fascists. Those neo-Fascists pretty much echo the intolerance of the Progressives in America.

Cecile Kyenge has just been appointed Integration Minister of Italia, and is THE first black cabinet minister. Yes that’s right. THE FIRST.

And as reported in the AP, her appointment has…

…exposed the nation’s ugly race problem, a blight that flares regularly on the soccer pitch with racist taunts and in the diatribes of xenophobic politicians — but has now raised its head at the center of political life.

Kyenge, 48, is an impressive woman. She was born in Congo and moved to Italy three decades ago to study medicine. An eye surgeon, she lives in Modena with her Italian husband and two children. She was active in local center-left politics before winning a seat in the lower Chamber of Deputies in February elections.

Mrs. Kyenge was appointed by Premier Enrico Letta who proclaimed Kyenge’s appointment as a “new concept about the confines of barriers giving way to hope, of unsurpassable limits giving way to a bridge between diverse communities.”

The AP recounted:

One politician from a party that not long ago ruled in a coalition derided what he called Italy’s new “bonga bonga government.” On Wednesday, amid increasing revulsion over the reaction, the government authorized an investigation into neo-fascist websites whose members called Kyenge “Congolese monkey” and other epithets.

Gee Rev. Wright…looks like the chickens are now roosting in Italy.

Maybe Sheila Jackson Lee (some things really ruin a perfectly good name!), Maxine Waters, Cynthia McKinney, Charlie Rangel and the rest of the race-card carrying club could plan a tour of Italy? Wonder if Italian security would confiscate their deck of cards and shunt them to the side door at Trattorias? And would a tour of Tuscany improve their estimation of America any?

Probably not. Those bitter, unenlightened, Lefty blacks thrive and remain in power by propagating their race-baiting agenda.

Praising America as an exceptional land of opportunity might cause some of their voting block to re-examine life on the Dem Plantation.



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