You can’t have it both ways, Mr. President

In an embarrassing effort to squelch the growing IRS scandal, the White House unleashed their master apologist, David Axlerod to defend the President Obama’s role in the intimidation of American citizens.

Breaking from their tired playbook of duck and blame, Axlerod adopted the strategy of selective knowledge to explain to MSNBC’s host Joe Scarborough that Obama couldn’t possibly know everything happening in his administration.

Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast,” Axlerod tried to explain. No doubt Axlerod extended the same leniency to President Bush over the Abu Ghraib scandal involving low level platoon members in barracks thousands of miles from Washington…um, no.

Fortunately, like most cogent Americans, Scarborough would have none of Axelrod’s rope-a-dope. “Please, save that for somebody else to buy into that,” Scarborough demanded.

So while the Obama administration maintains they are powerless to keep the government’s most formidable agency from wielding partisan intimidation over the American people, we are somehow expected to believe that when it comes to executing the Affordable Care Act, this same agency will act fairly and apolitically.

What most Americans do not realize is that when Obamacare takes full effect next year, the IRS will enforce most of the laws involved in the reform — even deciding who gets included in the health care mandate.

The impact of the IRS on health care reform is huge,” said Paul Hamburger, a partner and employee benefits lawyer at Proskauer.”Other agencies like Social Security will be checking for mistakes, but the IRS is the key enforcer,” Hamburger said. “It’s also going to help manage who might get health care.”

Hmm…in the same way that the IRS manages which non-profit organizations receive tax exempt status?

Color me skeptical.

The same president who lays the responsibility of targeting conservatives and political enemies squarely on the shoulders of “low-level IRS employees” expects us to believe that these same employees will execute Obamacare impartially and fairly?

Sorry Mr. President…you can’t have it both ways.

Either you are in charge of your administration, or you need to move over and take your big government programs with you.

The revelations that the IRS intimidated and bullied American patriots for speaking against this administration’s policies should breathe new life into the effort to fully repeal Obamacare. Simple extrapolation tells me that the same agency which picked winners and losers in the world of tax code policy is capable and willing to withhold medical treatment – or at the very least make it very difficult to attain – from any American with an R on their Voter ID card.

And according to Axlerod, the president is powerless to stop it.

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