America: The Land of Milk and LOTS MORE MILK

TractsofLandWhat am I trying to prevent in this country? FREE BOOB JOBS!

Why am I committed to not allowing FREE BOOB JOBS, when I have NOTHING against boobs of the FEMALE FRONTAL kind.

Side note: I don’t like manboobs, nor do I like boobs of the cerebral kind, aka dipsticks too stupid to know sheitz from shinola.

Though I am a lover of the “mammorus courpulous maximumus” [I will settle for mediumous], I don’t believe our health care system should PAY FOR MAMMORY EXPANSION.

What I don’t want America to become is the Land of Milk and LOTS MORE MILK!

Why in the tarnation are the Brits paying for this chick’s lady humps so that she can feel better about herself?

I don’t want this in American any more than I would be willing to pay for Liberal American men to get male genitalia, or Liberal American women to have penis reductions.

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