Choosing Life for the Innocent

las_vegas_newborn_photographer_06 (1)Earlier this week, a pro-life bill in the Texas legislature was killed by a Democratic filibuster.

The bill aimed to ban abortions beyond the twentieth week of pregnancy. The Democrats and leftists in general cried foul. They claimed the bill was going to roll back “women’s rights” forty years (as they always claim). The sexist woman-haters on the right were poised to destroy women’s healthcare, like they have always wanted.

Fortunately, Governor Perry, in the spirit of all woman-hating bigots, has called for a second special session of the Texas legislature to give this law another chance.

In addition to the filibuster, an angry mob tried to disrupt the vote, claiming they were the voices of the people. After all, it’s not like a majority of people, even pro-abortionists, see a five month old fetus as a child. Interestingly, many among the pro-choice crowd fear a slippery slope of anti-abortion legislation should particularly popular and/or common sense bills become law.

They’re right to have this fear. It’s a tactic that has worked time and again for issue after issue. I would like to see the right successfully utilize it in the abortion debate, the one issue that seems to be slowly creeping rightward.

You see, I’m against abortion in all of its forms. I believe it is just as wrong at conception as it is on the day of birth, whether natural or induced. I believe it is wrong no matter how the child was conceived. I believe it’s wrong no matter how much feminists and progressives preach to me about the “rights” of women to do what they want with “their own bodies.”

These arguments are inherently selfish, focused entirely on the woman who is pregnant and not the child nor those around her. These arguments are evidence of how badly desensitized the culture has become to abortion, where the focus of pregnancy is the mother, rather than the baby. Even worse, the baby has now become the equivalent of refuse, rather than something to be cherished and protected.

The fetus, no matter how old, is a human being.

It isn’t just some clump of tissue nor is it, at any point, dead or inert. It is constantly growing and developing for life outside of the womb. Once, you and I were both that small, that helpless. Now we’ve developed into fully functional human beings. Yet those who favor abortion favor the ending of lives, whether they openly consider it in those terms or not.

They favor the deaths of people long before they ever take their first breath of fresh air.

Before they can see the face of another human being.

Before they can smile, cry or speak.

They are for the right of the mother to consent to the death of her child, but not for the right of that child to live.

Since the legalization of abortion in the United States (forced upon us by judicial fiat instead of passed into law by the congress) in 1973, over 55 million babies have been killed in abortion procedures. In context:

    • Though estimates vary widely, World War II killed anywhere from 50 million to over 70 million people in the war itself.
    • The Holocaust killed somewhere between 11 million to 17 million people.
    • The famine created by China’s first Great Leap Forward killed 15 million to 43 million people.
    • The Rwandan Genocide killed anywhere from 500,000 to 1 million people.
    • The Darfur Conflict has killed approximately 400,000 people.

How can we call ourselves a moral and civilized society when we have killed more defenseless, innocent human lives than some of the most violent wars and horrendous violations of human rights in recent history?

The short answer: We cannot.


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