If it’s not killing a baby, why the serious consideration?

Last night Laura Ingraham, guest hosting The O’Reilly Factor, interviewed Alexis McGill Johnson of Planned Parenthood concerning the battle to stop late term abortions in Texas.

2 women, both wearing crosses; 2 polar world views.



Laura and Alexis discussed the filibuster of Texas Democratic Senator Wendy Davis*, who claimed to be standing on behalf of the rights of thousands of women.

Ms. Johnson echoed the Planned Parenthood meme:

“…what we’re talking about is protecting the legal right to…for a women to make a decision, a very personal and complex decision, in consultation with her family, with her doctor, with her spiritual providers, and it’s a decision that a woman needs to be making…not politicians.”

Why is this such a complex decision I wonder? If it is not a child, endowed by its Creator with the right to life, why the complexity? Why the need to consult with family, doctors and “spiritual providers” if it’s only tissue without feelings or a soul and it’s not a life-threatening procedure? (at least not usually life-threatening to the woman, unless it’s the woman in the womb)

McGill Johnson continues the propaganda:

“It wasn’t just Planned Parenthood who had a victory last night…it was thousands of women, millions of women who stood with Wendy Davis because they understand that no one makes these decisions lightly, and that as long as abortion is safe and legal and under our Constitution, then we have the right to continue.”

So, according to Planned Parenthood, abortion is a constitutionally guaranteed right.

But the question still remains: WHY does no woman make the decision to have an abortion “lightly” if it isn’t something far more than Planned Parenthood asserts? Why does Planned Parenthood offer plenty of sex ed and condoms, but no ultrasounds that might very well inform women of a human life in the womb?

The truth is, all women have the right to choose–but that choice comes when faced with the option of having sex outside of a relationship, such as marriage. The choice is a decision for moral and disciplined behavior, a decision which will ultimately display self-respect and self-worth.

Alexis McGill Johnson may say “no one is pro-abortion”, but she and Planned Parenthood fight for abortion rights day-in and day-out. Sure sounds pro-abortion: no one fights for years and years for a “right” that they are not “pro.”

All of the Planned Parenthood rhetoric advocates to keep abortion legal at any and all stages of pregnancy. Planned Parenthood claims concern for women, and yet promotes sexual activity, distributes contraceptives, then destroys the babies that may result from the natural consequence of unrestrained sexual activity.

That is a formula for sowing reckless and character destroying habits, not an agenda of concern for women.

And still the niggling question: if it’s not a baby, why does abortion require a complex, not “lightly made” decision?


*Read about the Texas legislature session and Ms. Davis’ filibuster in Amy Gerwing’s article The Lone Star State Disappoints

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