Immigration Reform Ad Lies!

By servative

Who are these guys? That’s what I asked myself after hearing this commercial on KNST in Tucson, during Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

They’re sure as hell not Conservatives! Claiming to be Americans for a Conservative Direction, the spot advocates for the Schumer-Rubio immigration bill. Back when first proposed by Senator Marco Rubio and the Gang of Eight, this spot might have been believable. But not now!

When first proposed, Republicans were hoping to do something on immigration in the vain hope of courting Hispanic votes in 2014. And why not? Immigration reform is theoretically a good idea. Rubio sounded like he could build on a foundation of strong border security.

Senator Rubio had developed strong credentials as a Conservative: he’s considered a Tea Party type, a strong supporter of Israel, a Reagan-esque communicator, with a great personal story.

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