IRS Paints Target on Black Conservative Alfonzo Rachel

Alfonzo Rachel, a Christian conservative social and political humorist, noted in his latest PJTV video rant that he is another of the IRS targets.

Rachel is also a musician and an Instructor level martial artist, but no amount of black-belted martial artistry could help him escape the Big Brother IRS, also known as Obama’s henchmen.

Watch as Alfonzo reveals the agency’s intrusion:

Rachel rants:

“The Democrat Party has to have someone enslaved to them, because they’re bullies!”

“More and more of the Bullycrats are forcing people to be subjects of the state, and right now the smoking pen-holding Grand Wizard of the Klanocrats, continuing on with bullying those that disagree with him is Eric Holder!”

Kira Davis writes in the Independent Journal Review:

While his latest video is no different, it took a more personal turn when Rachel revealed he had been targeted by the IRS and the California state tax board. Apparently the IRS has forbidden Rachel from owning a savings account after they notified him that he made too many transfers from savings to checking (seriously?). Now the author and musician can ONLY hold checking accounts.

That in itself is outrageous (the government can tell you what kind of bank account you can and can’t own?) but the outrage doesn’t end there. Recently Rachel awoke to discover the California state tax board had completely drained his checking account of every dime…without warning, notification or even any charges.

In the video Rachel says he’s not sure if the IRS is behind it yet, “but I do know California is big on hating Republicans. And California is big on the state and federal government taking from others.”

Another scandal for Obama’s crowed Scandalpalooza docket?

Certainly worth looking at as the misdeeds of AG Holder, the DOJ, IRS, and the rest of Obama’s obedient minions, previously cloaked in the MSM omerta begin to scurry in the bright light of public scrutiny.



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