Local Pastor Scolds Tea Party

pam-1024x764(Photo: Pamela Gellar, Victoria Jackson, Donny Harwood, TN Tea Party, Robert Spencer)

By Victoria Jackson

After the “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society” (Muslim Outreach Event) in Manchester, TN June 4, a local Nashville area pastor, Pastor “S” really laid into the Tea Party. He scolded us.

His sermon was on “kindness” and he shook with righteous indignation as he described his experience at the Muslim vs. Tea Party Event. I was at the event. I had a different experience.

Pastor “S” mocked the way the crowd of 1,000 Tea Partiers pledged allegiance. We emphasized the words “under God” too much. He perceived hate in our delivery. He huffs that he “walked out” with his wife, during the first speech because the crowd was shouting and being rude to the Muslim speaker. Pastor “S” was horrified at our lack of Christian kindness.

Yes, the crowd should have been quiet. Most of them were. In my area, there were 3 shouters. I almost asked the lady next to me to please be quiet, but I couldn’t bring myself to. The event was about Freedom of Speech, and it wasn’t school and it wasn’t church. I would have preferred a silent crowd who politely let the speakers patronize us and lie to us. Maybe a few snaps of disgust.

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