Maxine Waters On Obama’s Super Database!

Maxine Waters has a reputation for confusing people…but this video clip is a moment of database clarity that gives one pause.

 “The President has put in place an organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life!”

She also confirmed that Obama’s organization had shifted to become a 501c.

Maxine says, “It’s very powerful what he’s [Obama] leaving in place!”

Let’s do the Math. Obama has a “database that no one has seen before” and it’s “very powerful” and it’s owned by a 501c.

Goodness? The same President presiding over the perfect storm of scandals that may now include data mining from Verizon? That very President whose IRS has thuggishly bullied so many conservative organizations applying for 501c status?

The opportunity for government overreach is not only a possibility, the ominous likelihood is more than probable.

Makes one wonder where is the data going? Makes one wonder a LOT.

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