Obama Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Accountability!

A consulate in a foreign country, sovereign American soil, is attacked on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11. But the president has a big trip to Vegas the next day, so he goes to bed.

The next day, he finds out four men died in the attack, including the top diplomat in Libya.

Fortunately, the administration had no forewarning of this attack, and thus no accountability.  It was spontaneous and unexpected, triggered by a low quality YouTube video.  It’s not like the British ambassador was nearly killed in a bombing just weeks before the attack.

Nor is it like the American ambassador himself requested additional security for the consulate mere weeks before the attack.  No one was responsible for the deadly attack that ensued that day.

Except Republicans and their spending cuts, of course.

After all, cut funding for consulates and you most certainly cannot allocate funds intelligently.  That would just be responsible.

Recently, however, the American public learned of something even greater that could very well lead to a chilling effect on speech in the nation.

For years, the IRS has been hampering conservative groups that have applied for 501(c)4 tax exempt status. Instead of granting the status in a reasonable amount of time, groups were kept waiting since 2010 and subjected to audit after audit.  Is there any doubt that this increased the president’s re-election chances?

After all, haranguing groups, forcing them to spend money and time on lawyers and compliance with the strongest agency in the federal government had to have affected their ability to organize.

However, despite these actions being of obvious political benefit to the president, he only found out about it through the papers, like the “rest of us.”  This was all clearly the work of a couple of middle managers in Cincinnati, acting completely of their own accord.

Of course, President Obama knew nothing of the Justice Department’s investigations into journalists, either.  Not even his top man in the Department of Justice, Attorney General Eric Holder, knew anything.  He recused himself and thus had absolutely nothing to do with anything, anytime, anywhere.

And so it goes down the line.  Whether it is the president himself, his highest ranking subordinates, or his defenders, the president is always lacking in direct knowledge of what is happening in his government.

Instead of taking responsibility, the president is the last to know.  Or it is his predecessor’s fault.

The tendrils of the evil George W. Bush administration run deep, it seems.

President Obama, on the other hand, doesn’t know a thing about what happens in the government during his tenure.  The supposed genius god-king, here to save us from our excesses and Texas, is apparently so dumbfounded by the revelations of the past few weeks, it’s any wonder he can dress himself in the morning.

But wait!  He did allow himself to be accountable for something!  He stands by his decision to expand Bush administration policies tenfold abroad in the homeland!  After all, President Obama has to stand behind decisions he’s made that either he thinks are good or make him look good.

Wasn’t Osama bin Laden was finally killed during his tenure (in a chain of events started before his tenure).

There’s something very wrong with the behavior coming out of White House during this presidency.

The purpose of a leader is to lead.

A leader sets the atmosphere and the tone of his organization, whether it’s a company or the government.  One might argue Obama didn’t directly give the orders for any of these controversies, but he created the atmosphere in which all of these things became okay to do in someone’s mind.  It only gets worse when they claim Obama had no idea any of this was going on.

Ultimately, Obama is the product of the “participation trophy” generation.  

They voted him in, and then allow him a pass for everything under his watch.  He tried and that is enough for them.

Unfortunately, in the real world, trying is not enough.

Failing to uphold your oaths erodes liberties and gets people killed.  If only we had not learned this the hard way through President Obama.

If only we had not learned this the hard way through President Obama. If only we had known before he was given another term…thanks very much MSM.

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