Selling Racism One Story at a Time

New York City Council Dons Hoodies In Honor Of Trayvon MartinYou want to see how the narrative gets set by the lamestream media, just look at the Trayvon Martin case.

Martin was presented as an innocent choir boy, who was surreptitiously murdered by a racist white bigot. The facts could not be more different on both sides of the narrative.

As Pat Dollard reports, Trayvon Martin was a young thug-in-training. He was likely a gang member who sold a little dope on the side. But leave it to Left to seize the opportunity to make this situation something it certainly was not, and of course “racialize” it.

Were you aware that Trayvon Martin had been suspended from school for 10 days, the day he was confronted by George Zimmerman?

Were you aware that Trayvon Martin had punched a bus driver? Don’t feel bad, as most people were not.

Because telling the truth about a young black thug doesn’t sell the racism meme of America.

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