Sesame Street Explains Prison to Kids?

Sesame StreetTimes they are a changin’. We now live in an age where we need to teach children how to handle the jailing of their parents.

Minority children already know how to handle this. They are well-versed on how to accept that very expensive collect call from jail. And that discipline has not gone unnoticed by Sesame Street, who now is teaching the rest of America how to do the same.

As the NY Post reports:

It’s brought to you by the letter P — for prison.

PBS’s “Sesame Street” is moving from ABCs and counting numbers to offering its young viewers a bigger lesson in life: how to cope when Mommy or Daddy lands behind bars.

Called “Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration,” the program is distributing “tool kits’’ to schools, community centers and even jails in 10 states — including New York — starting today to help kids ages 3 to 8, organizers said.

According to one “tip’’ for caregivers, “Before you visit your incarcerated loved one, let your child know some of the things she can expect to happen. For instance, ‘We won’t be able to sit in the same room with Mommy, but we can see her through a window and read a story together.’ ’’

When PBS begins teaching about prison as mainstream, you have to wonder what the government has planned for you, particularly in light of the IRS and NSA scandals of the Obama administration.

Read more of the NY Post article here.

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