Lackluster Obama Presser with German Chancellor Angela Merkel

A subdued and uninspired President Obama spoke at a press conference side-by-side with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

George Yesthal commented on The Black Sphere Facebook page:

When was the last time you saw this arrogant narcissist so subdued, stuttering and stammering?

This man is seriously nervous about his tenure as POTUS. He is almost apologetic in his tone and content. Absent is the arrogant oratory tone and chin pointed to the sky. Gone is the authoritarian eye contact.

And in another speech he actually says this: “I will leave this office at some point…uh uh uh …sometime in the next 3 1/2 years.” Sometime…? The sooner the better.

Well-said, George! Obama’s chief inspiration, TOTUS, was perhaps the victim of a bad Euro power converter and not feeding The Empty Suit lofty and emperor-like words?

Whatever the reason, Obama, The Empty Suit with The Empty Chair, delivered The Empty Speech to the German Press.

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