The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Republican Outreach

jetsons_pcThere is a joke amongst some whites, where they ask a black guy,

“Do you remember the black guy on The Jetsons?”

The answer,

“No, because there was no black guy on The Jetsons.”

The jokester would then come back with,

“The future is looking brighter!”

My friend Raynard Jackson wrote of the recent outreach by the College Republican National Committee:

When I read the recently released report by The College Republican National Committee (CRNC), titled, “Grand Old Party for a Brand New Generation,” I immediately thought of two cartoons: the Flintstones and the Jetsons.

The Flintstones was an animated, prime-time TV show that debuted in 1960. It was a cartoon about a working class family in the Stone Age. The Jetsons was a cartoon that debuted in 1962. The show was about a futuristic family who lived 100 years in the future (2062).

While the Flintstones lived in a world with machines powered by birds and dinosaurs, the Jetsons lived in a world of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, and holograms.

What was interesting about both cartoons was that there were no Blacks in either—so, we were not part of the past (Flintstones) and we were not part of the future (Jetsons).

As it was with the Flintstones and the Jetsons, so is it with the College Republicans: no Blacks anywhere to be found. How can you talk about the future of a major party organization and not say a word about the Black community?

One of the college Republican groups I contacted completely ignored my calls. At the time I was working with a 2-time Super Bowl champion who was willing to do some serious outreach. Even namedropping couldn’t get these guys to move.

For this reason, my organization decided to stop relying on the Republicans, regardless of their demographic.

They are mostly talk, and certainly won’t do anything significant. They are afraid of upsetting the power base. Don’t do anything that might ruin your career as a Republican. Most appear too afraid to set the course, thus they stay the course.

Do I think the Republicans are better than the Democrats? Emphatic yes!

However, I applaud Raynard Jackson for calling the CRNC out, which is essentially calling out the RNC. Republicans need to bring FRESH ideas, and stop the incestuous nature of the party. It’s time the Republicans stopped thinking of power as a finite source.

The RNC could expand its power exponentially by expanding its footprint among blacks. The simple truth is if they don’t, they will lose it in the end anyway.

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