Wake the Heck Up!

if you build ANYTHING - they will comeIf you build it, Obama will say “You didn’t build that,” and he will send in his henchmen to make sure your success is limited.

Government wants their finger in everything. They are using OUR money to enslave us, buying off the least common denominator, otherwise known as the stupid uniformed citizen (and voting non-citizens).

There is really only one way to stop them, and that is to begin explaining the game to those who formerly were not paying attention.

Remember when you were uninformed? It wasn’t that long ago. Was it the Santelli rant or some other governmental slap in the face? Or did somebody from the Tea Party begin shouting in your face for you to WAKE UP!

My point is that whatever the catalyst was for you to get off you butt and into the game, the same catalysts exists for others. It is our responsibility to the nation, to our progeny to call people to action.

We spent $1B reinforcing messages we already know to people who already know them, and we lost the last election due to fraud. The Democrats can and will cheat to win, and there is only ONE WAY to stop them.

When the people they USE to cheat are no longer WILLING to cheat, then the Dems can’t cheat. For more information on how to STOP LIBERALS in their tracks, go here.

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