100 Words On: Racial Stupidity

How can the Huffington Post manage to scare more stupid out of a story than is already there?

Watch here.

See, there is a lot of stupidity on our part there. The “organizer” linked to in that story talks about a guy who claimed blacks are a “retrograde species”.

That’s racist, and for the record, I don’t support it.

Then one of the speakers compares letting in illegal immigrants, and having them breed with legal citizens (?), to breeding a champion racehorse with a donkey.

That’s stupid.

It is a poor analogy, and poorly executed, at that. The racial makeup of the inflow into this country is not where we win this argument. Going into that aspect of the argument is more Custer’s folly than Little Round Top.

We win the argument on the principles of limited government, and the rule of law.

The border is a law. It is, quite simply, our first physical law.

But ‘ol BluffPo just couldn’t let ‘er go. What was their first glaring error? Saying the rally went to “overtly racist”. As if it had been “covertly racist” all along. But the moment in question occurred when some dude named Ken Crow made a comment about breeding (including mentioning Martin Luther King as part of America’s DNA) that was more socioeconomic than racial in nature.

See, in context, I think he meant the country’s DNA, and political bloodlines, not the actual Deoxyribonucleic Acid of the participants.

As if that ever matters.

My clue? I’m fairly certain Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King don’t have the same bloodline.

Their second faux pas was to publish a picture of the activist in question with one Sarah Palin, whose political teats the left stills tries to draw milk from.

They needed a picture of the guy, and they couldn’t be bothered to use the same camera as the one on which they recorded the video. Or did they want to insinuate that Sarah Palin is a racist, even though she wasn’t even there?

As if that ever matters.

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