100 Words On: Fifty Cents

According to AAA, gas prices just hit $3.67 nationally, and are going to continue rising, though they may not hit their previous record of $4.11.

That record, fifty cents higher, was set during the Bush administration.

When President Obama was asked about the rise in gas prices, he complained not about the price, but the rate of rise.

Gas is something you normal, hard working Americans just don’t deserve to have on the cheap, like health care.

Unscheduled(?!) weather events could cause the price to rise.

So could a rise in Middle East tensions, which almost never happens.

But this line was not a throwaway. Let’s assume the President was, and is, as smart as the media and his sycophants give him credit for. Let’s assume he was speaking from the heart, extemporaneously.

Let’s assume the same thing about what he said about the George Zimmerman verdict on Saturday. Let’s assume the same thing about what he said about “taking a pain pill”. Let’s assume the same thing about he said about energy prices “necessarily skyrocketing”.

That paints a terrible picture doesn’t it?

It paints a picture of a President who sees the suffering of those he serves as not a means to an end, but the end itself.

And you thought George W. Bush was scary.

Note: I don’t know the website in this video, and I do not endorse them at all. Not out of malice, just haven’t checked them out. Posting this video is a way to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the President with regards to things like health care, and the other liberal sacred cows.

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