100 Words On: Hanoi Jane Reagan

Hanoi Jane is playing Nancy Reagan. She has stated that Nancy is “not unhappy” with the choice.

Let’s bear in mind Jane Fonda is the woman who was too liberal for Ted Turner.

I tell you what, in 30 years, let’s ask Bristol Palin to play Michelle Obama. Or why don’t we ask Rick Santorum’s daughter to play Elizabeth Warren?

Why would anybody make a big deal about this? Let’s apply some historical context.

In post-Vietnam America, it appeared that the popular sentiment was that Vietnam was an unpopular war.

Our voting reflected that idea, at least on the national level.

I mean, didn’t Jimmy Carter make it a point to say Communism wasn’t the boogeyman we all thought it was, in not so many words?   Also, let’s remind ourselves of the lament during the Clinton administration over the idea of America being the only superpower…Darn it!

There is no greater symbol of a renewal of faith in this country following that time of self-doubt than the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

There has been no greater symbol of liberal lament for the country than Hanoi Jane.

Traitor Hanoi Jane
Traitor Hanoi Jane



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