100 Words On: Unlikely and Unusual Allies

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Paul Ryan is apparently the “Great White Hope” for the Democrat schema on immigration.

The Senate has passed Obordercare. There’s a whole lot of power and deference given to Minister of Fatherland Security Otto Von Napolitano in the Senate version, and the reconciliation process between the two chambers will give the statists all the opportunity they need.

So here’s the game: pass any damn thing in the house that you can.

And, as part of the border war between the two houses, the left and their allies in the media have selected their new Rubio in Ryan.

Remember how Rubio, the White Hispanic, was battered by conservatives for his signing on with the Gang of Eight?

Remember how Rubio, the White Hispanic, was lauded by the media and liberals for his signing on with the Gang of Eight?

It has already started for Ryan, so loathed by the media in 2012.

Yesterday, the AP published an article on the alliance between Ryan and the left. In the first four paragraphs, there is a description of him as “a possible 2016 candidate”, “standing apart from fellow House members”, “an acolyte of Jack Kemp”, and is described by a House Democrat as his “guiding light”.

Mr. Ryan, you know this will not create jobs, and this is not how we want to reform immigration.

Exit stage right, before you find yourself too far stage left.

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