2 Texas Senators: 1 Chooses Death, 1 Chooses LIFE!

Planned Parenthood and all of their bused-in, raucous demonstrators lift up Texas Senator Wendy Davis up as a heroine.

But there is another Texas State Senator who is a champion for life, Dr. Donna Campbell.

“Having been scientifically proven that fetal pain is felt at 20 weeks — Texas Senate Bill 5 would ban abortion after 20 weeks.”

Dr. Campbell’s bio is impressive:

Donna Campbell is a conservative who has spent a lifetime helping others through medicine and Christian ministry. She is a double-board certified physician, working mom, woman of faith, and proud parent of four daughters.

Donna Campbell was born on a naval base and grew up with a great respect for the military and law enforcement. Her father served in the U.S. Navy and later as a trooper in the highway patrol. Her mother worked in factories most of her life until becoming an R.N. at the age of 48.

Donna Campbell earned her Masters of Nursing from Texas Woman’s University, specializing in cardiovascular clinical nursing and nursing administration. She received her M.D. from Texas Tech University and completed her residency at the University of Texas Medical Center in Houston. She was awarded the prestigious Morton Award as an outstanding resident in ophthalmology at the Hermann Eye Center.

Dr. Campbell has served as the medical director for several hospitals, including the third largest emergency medicine group in the country. She has performed hundreds of eye surgeries in Ghana, West Africa, volunteering her talents to the Christian Eye Ministry, an organization which has brought sight back to thousands in Africa.

Wendy Davis, however, has garnered attention and status by applauding abortion and a “woman’s right to choose.”

Of course, she omits the caveat that pro-lifers ardently support a woman’s right to choose: every woman can choose where and when to engage in sexual activities which could result in the conception of a child. That child, no matter how young or how small, is still God’s creation and protected by the Constitution.

The child in the womb has its very own DNA from the moment of conception that is absolutely unique from its mother or father’s DNA. The development map of that child for a lifetime is “written” in that DNA.

Ms. Davis is no hero — anyone who would support the painful killing of one person for the convenience of another is mistaken at best, and reprehensible at worst.

A society that chooses life, that chooses to protect its most defenseless…that is a society that is a shining city on a hill and whose progeny will rise up to do great things.





Follow Dr. Campbell on Twitter at @DonnaCampbellTX




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