A New Name for the Tea Party

By servative

Documented in a recent article at The Blaze, bestselling author Brad Thor made this suggestion – “It’s Time for Tea Party to Consider a New Name.” 

It’s about the importance of marketing – how conservatives should get on board and use some of the tactics of the left such as Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”




The Tea Party actually represents most Americans, but having been demonized by the ‘main-stream media,’ the ‘drive-by press,’ the ‘lapdogs of Big Government,’ most people don’t know this. A rebranding is called for – a new name, a second chance – like ACORN after James O’Keefe got through with them.

Helpful person that I am, I tried to come up with some suggestions. How about the American Federalist Party? No – Federalism may be the bedrock concept of American self-governance, but it’s too quaint for everyday use. We need something snappier. How about the Conservative Party? No – Conservatism is to the Progressive Media as Jihad is to Conservatives.

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