Al Gore Training Leaders for Climate Change Push

Al Gore is pulling together a team of some 1,500 people to push for climate change legislation.


According to the Washington Examiner:

The nation’s leading climate change advocate, former Vice President Al Gore, is creating a mini army of “climate leaders” to push governments and companies around the world to adopt policies aimed at reducing global warming.

On Wednesday in Chicago Gore will host his second “climate reality leadership corps training” this year where his Climate Reality Project will show supporters how to talk about the issue and push for solutions to carbon burning.

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This is good news. I have missed Al. I miss the awkward way he kisses his wife (now ex). I miss the post election mental breakdown man-in-the-woods style beard that he grew. The thing that I miss the most, however, is the poetry…..
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Thank you, Al. You have pushed aside all of the critics and climategate and stuck by your beliefs.
You have made our lives so much richer.

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