Al Sharpton Reacts to Zimmerman Verdict

AlSharptonLarge-640x250Last night the George Zimmerman verdict was read: NOT GUILTY.

Shortly after the verdict was read, Rev. Al Sharpton posted the following on his Facebook page:

Saturday, July 13, 2013 (New York, NY) “The acquittal of George Zimmerman is a slap in the face to the American people but it is only the first round in the pursuit of justice. We intend to ask the Department of Justice to move forward as they did in the Rodney King case and we will closely monitor the civil case against Mr. Zimmerman. I will convene an emergency call with preachers tonight to discuss next steps and I intend to head to Florida in the next few days.”

Reverend Al Sharpton commented on MSNBC:

I think that this is an atrocity. I think that it is probably one of the worst situations that I have seen. What this jury has done is establish a precedent that when you are young and fit a certain profile, you can be committing no crime, just bringing some Skittles and ice tea home to your brother and be killed and someone can claim self-defense, having been exposed with all kinds of lies, uh, all kinds of inconsistencies.

We had to march to even get a trial and even at trial, when he’s exposed over and over again as a liar, he is acquitted. This is a sad day in the country. I think that we clearly must move on to the next step in terms of the federal government and in terms of the civil courts. Clearly we want people to be very disciplined and strategic, but this a slap in the face to those that believe in justice in this country.

This was one murder trial out of many in this nation, but the race-baiters and liberal buffoons like New Black Panthers leader Samir Shabazz, Rev. Sharpton, Black rapper Zoeja, and others are ginning up the anger over a decision made by a jury.

The Martin’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, declared:

Trayvon Martin, will forever remain in the annals of history next to Medgar Evers and Emmett Till, as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all.

But does Trayvon belong in the their company? One thing is certain, no evidence brought to bear proved beyond a reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman was the aggressor.

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