America Killed by Barack Obama’s Political Ambulance!

How horrible!  There’s a plane crash at San Francisco International Airport: a Boeing 777 Asiana Airline loses its tail on impact, slides down the tarmac, and catches fire. 

There are many injuries, but miraculously only two fatalities.  The dead were identified at the airport as Ye Mengyuan and Wang Linjia.  Both girls are 16-year-old students at Jiangshan Middle School in Zhejiang, an affluent coastal province in eastern China.  The teens were on their way to summer camp in San Francisco.

Now we come to find out that one may have been alive when crews arrived on the scene and might have died as a result of an emergency vehicle running her over as she lay beside the aircraft.

San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault said senior San Francisco Fire Department officials are now saying that, pending the coroner’s report, it appears one injured student was killed as a result of a “secondary incident.”

This is such a heartbreaking story, and strangely similar to the condition America finds itself in right now.

In 2008 when Barack Obama took office, our nation was wounded by war, a floundering economy, and a poor job market.  There is no denying we were injured, but we were certainly not dead.  With a little emergency care administered correctly, by now America would have been up and around.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama, armed with fixes and promises, jumped in his political ambulance and rushed to the scene of the accident to heroically save lives.  His stated goal was to rescue America and stop the bleeding.  The problem was that Obama placed the tourniquet around America’s neck.

Speaking from San Francisco General Hospital after the Asiana airplane crash, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee responded to what he called “unsubstantiated” questions about the Chinese teen being run over by a rescue vehicle.  Lee explained how the accident could have happened, saying, “It was very, very hectic when they arrived minutes after the plane came to rest and there was smoke coming out, and people were trying to get out as quickly as they could.”

In 2008, so too was America embroiled in a hectic situation.  Truth was obscured by a smokescreen of liberal media hype.  As a result, people were looking to “get out [of the situation] as quickly as they could.”  Thus, although Barack Obama knew nothing about maneuvering an ambulance, had zero credentials, and should never have been rushing to the scene in the first place, he somehow managed to convince a hurting, injured nation that he was going to make it all better.

Five years later, it’s clear to see that instead of helping, Barack Obama has run America over with his political ambulance.  And for all intents and purposes, the president, if he has not fully squashed us under the wheels, has caused us serious injury and taken a nation he supposedly wanted to save to the precipice of death.


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