Bette Midler on Gun Control

Yet another celebrity has chimed in on the need for gun control. Bette Midler tweeted:


No, Bette, I don’t find it odd. You see, these two things are completely unrelated. You seem to be under the impression that all gun owners are walking around waiting to shoot someone. That is simply not the case. Most gun owners are responsible citizens who have taken great care to make sure they understand how to use their firearm properly and only do so when absolutely necessary. So, in that sense, I suppose you could consider gun ownership a form of insurance. Insurance against being robbed, attacked and potentially raped.

As a woman, I am surprised that you do not understand this to be a very important feminist issue. You see, guns level the playing field. I know that in the movies we often see a strong female character who is somehow able to outrun or outfight her male attacker but in real life that is just not the case. Men are big. At least, they are usually bigger than women. While you may have the luxury of having security to protect you, the vast majority of women don’t. So, dear Bette, please think about what you are saying (or in this case tweeting) before you make such statements. You see, gun ownership is a feminist issue and it could save a life.

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