Beyoncé’s 1,000 Cans of Cancer-Causing Pepsi Campaign

It’s so confusing.  Michelle Obama and Beyoncé are good friends. 

Beyoncé danced in Michelle’s “Let’s Move” healthy kids video where she boogied in hot pants, an off-the-shoulder baggy blouse, and green high-heeled sneakers to convince children that exercise is a good thing.  Meanwhile, Michelle Obama takes every chance she gets to harangue Americans into drinking water and converting to veg-fruitarianism.

Then Beyoncé wanders off the reservation and signs a $50 million deal to push Pepsi-Cola on unsuspecting people who follow Queen Bey like she’s a reincarnation of Jesus. 

Doesn’t Mrs. Carter know that a mere eight fluid ounces of Pepsi has 28 grams of evil, processed sugar?  Let’s not even discuss 20 fluid ounces, which ratchets up the sugar content to 69 grams.  Can’t Michelle come out of her self-inflicted prison cell at the White House long enough to discuss with Beyoncé how Pepsi contributes to America’s ballooning obesity problem?

Now, as if diabetes, obesity, and Pepsi-induced death weren’t enough, we come to find out that a fetching caramel-colored diva named Beyoncé is hawking a product with cancer-causing caramel coloring that includes a carcinogen in its formula called 4-methylimidazole, or 4-Mel.

Thankfully, Beyoncé-endorsed 4-Mel is not found in Pepsi drinks sold in California. However, the sleuths over at The Center for Environmental Health tested the soda and found that drinks outside of California still have 4-Mel in nine out of 10 products.

The FDA, which is working hand-in-hand with Michelle Obama’s effort to purge Doritos from vending machines, maintains that a person would have to drink more than 1,000 cans of soda a day to reach the doses that have shown links to cancer in rodents. 

Yeah, but isn’t the gist of what Mrs. Obama has been saying for four years, a la Michael ‘Nanny’ Bloomberg, that 32 ounces of soda a day will kill you dead from other types of dread diseases? So what’s the difference – 32 ounces or 32,000 ounces, you’re still a victim of a soda-induced demise.

The difference is that liberals prove once again that they are colossal charlatans.  They push healthy eating and drinking in videos, on speaking junkets, and regulate everything they can think of and get away with.  Then one of the inner circle signs $50 million dollar endorsement deal for the very soda they claim is unhealthy for children to drink, and everything changes. 

People like Beyoncé can show up on television commercials marketing what Michelle Obama has removed from soda machines in school cafeterias, and the silence from the people carting away sugary drinks from school grounds is downright deafening.

This phenomenon is indicative of classic fried fat cake fakery, where Inmate Number 1600, otherwise known as Michelle Obama, and friends dictatorially impose restrictions on everyone and then establish an entirely different code of food and drink guidelines for themselves. 

Then, despite what the food and fitness Nazis are unwilling to overlook in others, if a friend, like sexy billionaire temptress Beyoncé, stands to earn $50 million peddling carcinogenic soda pop to kids who emulate her every move, the FDA and Mrs. Obama look the other way.

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