BREAKING UPDATE! Whacko Portlanders Set Tree Hugging Record! (Expanded Video)

By Tami Jackson

Oregon was not always a blue state, but has inched ever leftward as the tree hugging, PETA pushing, Mike Moore applauding, consciousness-raising 1-3%ers began immigrating from all points South.

My good CONSERVATIVE friend, Dan Sandini, the citizen journalist who became well known for his involvement in Breitbart’s “Occupy Unmasked” film, caught this full-fledged, nut-burger, love-a-tree event on video yesterday.

Hoyt Arboretum was ground zero for this big tree love-fest. Note the lovely bride? Seems she opted to kiss her new hubby but hug a tree! Ever the thoughtful gentleman, Dan admonishes her:

“Don’t get sap on your dress!”

The MC warns the attendees, “Don’t let the ants crawl down your backs.”

How does Dan find these gatherings?

I wrote about the plight of Oregon’s economy, which is much like so many other states with Lefties at the helm, in my article “Let’s Re-Calibrate Their Priorities” last summer. Consider that the Feds own over 40% of Oregon lands. Between Federal ownership, touchy-feely DC concern for Spotted Owls and Pine Beetles, Oregon’s booming timber industry and multi-generational logging families are practically extinct.

Oh these big-hearted PETA proponents may frown on the loggers and business owners, but boy do they love those trees!

Who needs fiscal security when you can be BFF with tall timber?


Editor note: Dan shared this with me first and exclusively. If you share this video, please credit Dan Sandini!


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