Clever Response to Wendy Davis (Texas Senator of Filibuster Fame)

ThankWendyNot every ideological debate must escalate in hate speech and incendiary rhetoric.

Sometimes pointing out your opponent’s strengths and accomplishments can go a long way in making your point.

This is the tactic taken by a new website called Here’s an except from this letter:

“Wendy’s life serves as an example to women across the country facing an unplanned pregnancy and the possibility of single motherhood. Through her story we are reminded that, even in times of uncertainty and challenge, women can raise children and be wonderful examples of success.”

Join thousands of prolife Americans in thanking Wendy Davis for not only choosing life for her child, but for overcoming difficult challenges to be a successful woman and mother.

This letter of support will be made available to Senator Davis for her consideration and encouragement.”

Read the rest of the letter here.

Kudos to you Wendy Davis for exemplifying courage and strength when it really mattered. It may have been 30 years ago, but I still believe that your nineteen year-old self – the one that said “yes” to life – is still deep inside you somewhere.


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