Cornel West: Under Obama, Gays Gain While Blacks Are Pushed to the Back of the Bus

Listen as Professor West decries black poverty under the Obama Administration.

As Rush Limbaugh noted:

Cornel West and his buddy, Tavis Smiley, I mean, these guys, there’s a lot about them that you can caricature. They are really serious about trying to eliminate poverty.  They may not be going about it in the most efficient way, you know, promoting capitalism, but they are serious about it.

What this means is that Cornel West is not happy that the age of Obama is where black folk find themselves pushed to the back of the bus again while their gay brothers and lesbian sisters are more and more pushed to the center and the front of the bus.  So, according to Cornel West, even with the first black president, he cares more about and is spending more time on gays and lesbians than he is on his own folk, on his own people.  And, Cornel, that’s cause they got more money.

They have more money to donate.  I don’t mean to insult you, but I mean that’s why. Cornel’s right.  He’s totally right about this.  Cornel, the black folk vote is assumed.  It’s taken for granted.  Why not?  They get 93% of it every election.  They don’t have to work for it.  But the gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, they donate a lot of money, and they have to be paid back, so they get to move to the center of the bus, the front of the bus.  Obama’s at the front of the bus.

The question one must ask is, when will blacks, the lion’s share of whom voted for Obama, wake up to the reality of an abysmal economy and poverty for so many of their community under Obama’s rule?

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