Does Zimmerman Deserve Justice?

obama-organize-manage-george-zimmerman-trayvon-trialDoes Zimmerman Deserve Justice?, by Kevin Jackson

A few days have passed since what was supposed to be the biggest Civil Rights case since the OJ trial.

How bizarre is that? A black guy living what Liberals would call a “white” life was freed, and during the time of a white president, and it was a considered a civil rights event. Justice would dictate that a “white Hispanic” should be freed during the time of America’s first black president, wouldn’t it?

The New Black Panther Party proved to be all talk. They sent two “delegates” to FL to make sure that Trayvon Martin’s family would have protection from all those “white Hispanics” who might want revenge. That white Hispanic Jewish Mafia can be bad news apparently.

The lamestream media remains at the ready, mobile units doing drive-bys in black neighborhoods, hoping for the violence they and the Obama administration ginned up. Thankfully the media can always rely on the murder of blacks by other blacks, as those non-sensationalized crimes continued as scheduled on the night of the verdict and since.

Disappointingly however, it’s been relatively quiet on the North American front, as far as the Zimmerman case is concerned.

As I drove from my neighborhood—a gentrified enclave encapsulated by “the hood”—to the airport to get to DC, I didn’t see any dead white people lying in the streets. Nor did I see any burned out Lexus’ or Mercedes, as I approached what Joe Biden would describe as “the white sections of my town.”

For Liberal media whose balance sheets are in triage, they will have to survive off the ginned up news cycle of the not guilty verdict. Give it another week and this story will end up where it should have been all along…on page 16 of the local section. But you have to hand it to the media — they did get a lot of mileage out of a non-story.

When I arrived in DC, I learned of a riot in Oakland. And have seen videos of young blacks, men mostly threatening to “do something.”  I’m always amazed at these thugs’ enthusiasm for vandalism and mayhem, but lack of energy to get a job, or take care of their out-of-wedlock children.

I can only imagine what they and Obama are dreaming up next to keep American’s minds off our real problems, and black Liberals from owning up to theirs. Will we discover that Kanye West has another love-child? Will Jay-Z come out with a Trayvon fashion line…or gay?

Well now we have it. Obama’s Department of Injustice is being asked to step into this case by the race-baiting NAACP, despite the decision of a jury of Zimmerman’s peers: this shooting was not about race.

I do know that the Left will inevitably find a way to capitalize on all of this: unbelievable how those who claim to detest capitalism are so freakishly great at it.

Will MSM report on the ridiculous notion of taking this case to the Department of Justice, a waste of even more taxpayer dollars? Of course not.

The media no longer waits for the news, it manufactures it. And why not, when you have the Obama administration, a beast that needs its minions? Why showcase the real, non-racial America, when there is so much potential to foment racial tension?

Remember the scene in Jurassic Park when they were touring the park, but there were no visible animals; so they decided to “plant” the goat? Such is politics today, and the orchestration is masterful.

Blacks celebrated the OJ verdict, a verdict that exonerated a man who likely killed two people. But there were no celebrations by “white Hispanics” once the verdict was read in the Zimmerman trial. Zimmerman gave no fist pump nor even mumbled, “YES!” His attorneys didn’t spike the football.

Everyone, including George Zimmerman and his defense team, respected the fact that a teenager had died. Martin’s family deserved respect.

Since that incident, Zimmerman is officially a the person who killed Trayvon. Unlike OJ, there is no hunt for the “real killer.” The jury saw Zimmerman’s shooting Trayvon for what it was—self-defense. But that won’t make it any easier for George Zimmerman.

I don’t think Zimmerman felt he had gotten away with anything. I believe Zimmerman will regret his decision to follow Trayvon Martin his entire life. George will likely have nightmares, reliving the incident in his mind over and over. He will question how he could have done things differently to avoid the unnecessary death of Trayvon Martin.

That’s a jail all in itself.

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Kevin Jackson is a best-selling author and syndicated radio host.

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