Immigration Reform In the Eyes of an Immigrant

Minutemen Break-Away Group Patrols California-Mexico BorderBy mkhemmer

The Republicans hold all the cards in this debate!

Dear Republican Party, please wake up.  You hold all the cards in the Immigration Reform battle.  As long as you are giving in to a path to Citizenship, the Democrats know this is their Holy Grail for permanent majorities.

So, with this power in your hands, why are you still so bad, dumb and inept at negotiating a good Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill?

As an immigrant who for many years carried a Green Card, I have some credentials to discuss Immigration Reform.  My son is Hispanic and my wife is first generation Mexican-American.  We know many illegals and legal immigrants. We have lived it.

The Senate Bill passed recently is a farce.  Let me say, I fully support immigration reform.  I understand the plight of our friends and acquaintances that are undocumented.

However, a path to Citizenship is not that important for immigrants (my mother has had her green card since 1967 and she is fine not being a citizen).

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