‘Don’t Stop Mommy from Killing My Little Brother!’

The left is shameless and will use children to advance their agenda without scruples.

In Texas, in front of the State Capitol, pro-abortion advocates used children to hold up signs with wire hangers on them that said: “No to SB5.”

SB5 is the controversial abortion law that seeks to restrict the killing of the unborn from the 20th week of pregnancy forward. The bill stresses that unborn babies experience excruciating pain during abortions and that human rights should prevent that sort of torture from taking place.

The problem is: Liberals don’t care who suffers as long as their hellish agenda moves forward.

That’s why, exploiting children as props remains a liberal favorite.  However,  dragging out toddlers that liberals would just have gladly relegated to the incinerator heap three years prior to hold up signs against legislation that saves small children’s lives is, at best, ludicrous.

Moreover, for any human being with half a brain, seeing a youngster holding up pro-abortion sign visually undermines the purpose of pushing for unfettered access to feticide that borders on infanticide. Proving once again that in the intellect department, liberals exercised the right to choose when checking their brains at the door.

The sign displayed by the two tiny girls in pink sandals and sunhats says: “No to SB5.”

However, what it really was saying is: “Don’t Stop Mommy from Killing My Little Brother!”


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