Miss USA Can’t Get a Date in NYC?

NanaMeriwetherWhat in the world is going on in the Big Apple?

Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether, a 6 foot stunning beauty, found the New York City dating scene so dismal that she turned to online match-making!

As Miss Meriwether told New York Magazine:

“Here’s the thing about dating in New York: It doesn’t exist,” she said. “There’s so much going on in the city, there are so many distractions, that people just forget to go on a second date.”

Meriwether’s dating profile features a photo of herself in a bikini and pageant sash, and lists her location as lower Manhattan.

The South African-born beauty said she first downloaded the app in April — back when she was still officially Miss USA — after a male friend encouraged her.

Kevin Jackson was incredulous:

What’s wrong with the “men” in NYC? Are they blind or too busy playing “metrosexual” with each other? When Miss America can’t get a date, you know the world is changing.

In case your curious about Nana’s bio:

Private Invite Dinner With all 51 Miss USA Pageant Contestants at Tao Restaurant. Las Vegas on May 28, 2012This six-foot beauty from Potomac, Maryland is a two-time, All American athlete; she captained UCLA Volleyball to the Final Four while breaking three NCAA records in the process.

She graduated from UCLA with highest honors and a degree in Political Science and went on to complete pre-med studies at USC.

In keeping with family tradition, Nana has taken both the MCAT’s and LSAT’s (Dad is a doctor and Mom is a lawyer); she is keeping her options open.

Nana was born in South Africa where she grew up in rural villages while her father was a medical missionary.

Her family’s dedication to giving back inspired her to co-found the non-profit Meriwether Foundation six years ago. Since its inception, the foundation has served the most impoverished sectors in five Southern African nations.

Beauty and brains and to top it off, she’s a really nice person, too!

Wow. Whatever happened to the days of meeting at a church social? And why does such an accomplished, beautiful woman not have a full dance card?

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