Obama on Mexico: Ship ‘Em Guns and Let ‘Em In

Napolitano Mexico_GarcIf the border is so safe, why doesn’t Napolitano visit Mexico without armed security?

Mexican drug gangs are the most notorious cop killers in the world. If they are willing to kill their own people, what makes people believe that they care about Americans.

Mexican drug cartels operate with practical immunity inside the United States, and our prisons are filled with their “home boys.” Yet, this government wants us to open the floodgates, essentially condoning the violence.

“Ship ’em guns, then let ’em in!,” should be the new Obama administration slogan for dealing with Mexico. Who cares about the lawlessness of the banditos hitting our shores, and affecting citizens of this country. As I said, Obama is committing treason when it comes to immigration–for starters.

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