Romney/Ryan t-shirts find a welcome home…you won’t guess where!

Every election cycle thousands upon thousands of t-shirts are made emblazoned with candidates names and mottos.


But what happens to all of the t-shirts left over? Perfectly good shirts, although at least 1/2 of them with a name of a candidate who lost. Surely the t-shirts aren’t just thrown away? A faded memory of a valiant campaign heaped up in a land-fill?

Not this time! The brilliant folks at the Romney/Ryan campaign office in Tennessee shipped the left-over shirts to some folks who were mighty glad to have them…


…in Kenya!


As Fox News’ Bret Baier reported:

the Romney/Ryan campaign office in Tennessee donated 200 of the campaign shirts to a village in Kenya. The children in the small village were happy to receive the new shirts

The only thing that would have made this story happier, is if Romney/Ryan had won and America could send Obama and his hope-changey t-shirts to Kenya for good!


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