Saudi Arabian Airlines refuses to sell tickets to Israeli passport holders

SAASaudi Arabian Airlines is discriminating against Israeli citizens and not allowing them to purchase tickets.

The SAA website asks for country of citizenship when purchasing tickets, but the drop down menu does not list Israel.

As reported in the NYP:

The oversight doesn’t appear accidental — the drop-down menu is so thorough it even has an option for Antarctica.

“No city in the world has closer ties to Israel than we do, and yet Israeli citizens are being discriminated against right here at JFK. It’s not only illegal; it’s an affront to who we are,” said Public Advocate, and mayoral candidate, Bill de Blasio, who conducted a recent telephone sting on the Mideast nation’s airline.

When a member of de Blasio’s staff called the airline pretending to be an Israeli citizen trying to fly from JFK to Mumbai, India, on Saudi Arabian Airlines, he was told it was a no-go.

The caller told the booking agent that he couldn’t find Israel as an option on the Web site.

“I’m an Israeli citizen, and I didn’t see my nationality on there. I was wondering if I could just order the ticket through you,” the caller said.

The booking agent asked: “Do you have any other passports, other than the Israeli passport?”

When the caller said he didn’t, the agent put him on hold to check with a supervisor. The agent later informed the caller that he wouldn’t be welcome.

“Since you have Israeli nationality, you will not be allowed to go on Saudi Airlines,” the agent said.

Interesting that Obama’s beloved Saudi Arabia, to whose king the President bows, is discriminating against the Jews and Israel. Surely with all the Arab spring popping up everywhere — peace and freedom and camels in love — surely there are no ugly sentiments such as bigotry in the ME?

Well, no matter! Since Obama has said over and over again that Israel is his friend, and since we know he’s pals with Bibi and posse, he can just make a quick call to King Abdullah and get this wrinkle worked out.

That is if the White House phone Ty Woods and Chris Stevens tried is back in working order.

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