Sharpton calls the Kettle Negro

Al Sharpton doesn’t have enough viewers of his show to throw a good swim party, but he has a theory on O’Reilly’s recent rant about race.

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Sharpton claims the rant was about ratings.

Now before you dismiss this, I will tell you that I believe part of what Sharpton says is true, though this is the pot calling the kettle Negro.

I have said for some time that all politics boils down to two things: Race and class. It’s either black versus white or rich versus poor. People questioned me, when I said that would be my team’s focus, saying “How are you going to talk about those things all the time.”

Politics is BUILT on those two things, and the stories provide the backdrop for these two things. When the “regular” news doesn’t cut it, O’Reilly comes to mama.

Hannity did the same thing recently featuring all-black panels to discuss race in America (twice) and the Zimmerman verdict. Glenn Beck did it years ago, featuring two all-black panels, when he was part of Fox News.

Fox News is just starting to get it, and the ratings will prove me right. As for Sharpton, O’Reilly doesn’t need the spike in ratings, but he certainly welcomes them.


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