The Girl Who Got Weiner All Worked Up

Weiner's sexting mate compositeBeauty is in the eye of the beholder, but DANG! I’m not being critical of this young lady’s looks, because she’s one of God’s children. However, if I were a Congressman, I’d do better than Lewinsky 2.0.

What is it with these weak Liberal men who so long for the spotlight, the affirmations, that they will pick ANYBODY to sext or “not have sexual relations” with?
Granted in the case of Bill Clinton, I may have to give him a “Hillary Pass”. Although Weiner’s wife is no Victoria’s Secret model, she is a better catch than his sexting partner.

What Weiner did was wrong; but who he chose was practically unforgivable.

Who’s next to expose their Weiner selfies? Joy Behar? Janet Napolitano? Let’s just hope we don’t get the beach shot of either of them.

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