Time to Sequester Air Force One?

We hear so much about the sequester these days that has shut down kids’ tours of the White House.

But has the sequester hampered the Obamas in the least in the realm of travel and leisure?

“Air Force One is also a great perk when it comes to taking the family and your friends on vacation or sight-seeing excursions”

“In 2009 President Obama took the family on tour with him for an official business trip to promote Obamacare. The trip included stops in places very important to the healthcare debate…like Yellowstone Park where the President attempted to fly fish and the family watched Old Faithful spout, followed by a tour of the Grand Canyon, where the First Family hiked trails on the Grand Canyon rim.”

My goodness. Add to all that a $100 Mil vacation to Africa and Americans can deduce that the only people constrained by the sequester are Americans whose last name is NOT Obama.


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