Unbelievable Racist Zimmerman Trial Witness!

Our friend, Steven Crowder, deconstructs the “misconceptions” of the George Zimmerman trial, and in particular “the star witness.”

“Creepy-ass-cracka has been a term of endearment used among white folk for years!”

ROFL!!! Watch and enjoy this Classic Crowder video!

As  of Patriot Update writes:

In his own inimitable way, Steven Crowder exposes the shallowness and callowness of the prosecution’s case against George Zimmerman. The prosecution’s “star” witness turns out to be an individual who speaks incoherently, changes her “facts” by the minute, cannot read her own communications, and uses racist language to condemn George Zimmerman as a racist.

In Crowder’s words the “star” witness for the prosecution is “retarded.” Yet this is the witness the prosecution is using in an attempt convince a jury that George Zimmerman is a racist murderer.

Crowder shows how the “case” against Zimmerman just underscores what many already believe. It is politically motivated, lacking in substance, bereft of hard evidence, and intended to generate a politically correct outcome from a jury the prosecutor hopes will be swayed by emotion instead of the facts.

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