UPDATE: James Kelly, Navy Veteran, charged with dumpster diving in Houston, TX.

homeless-Navy-veteran-James Kelly

This is an update to the March incident in which a homeless veteran, James Kelly, was cited for “disturbing the contents of a trash can” in Houston, TX.

Civil Rights attorney Randall Kallinen, graciously took the case and got the charge against James dismissed. Randall also helped to coordinate the travel of James to the West Coast, as was his original destination when passing through Houston. The Black Sphere is appreciative for Mr. Kallinen’s efforts in this case and we wish him continued success as a lawyer, and both artist and gallery owner.

Mr. Kelly is currently reunited with his family in California, and enjoying the sunny summer days in the Golden State.  I was finally able to connect directly with James via email and inform him that The Black Sphere supporters had so generously donated funds on his behalf. Though a man of few words, he did send this short note:

    “Thank you all for being such a help and to everybody that assisted. Thank you all for everything you have done for me – James Kelly”

We wish Mr. Kelly many happy days to come and hope that through the generosity of each of your donations, he will be one step closer to attaining his next goal.

The “dumpster diving ordinance” was originally passed in April 2012 by the Houston City Council. The Council voted on the ordinance without presenting an opportunity for residents to vote on the issue.  Making rules for your “betterment” without your input… sounds scarily familiar.

This is just a small example of why Kevin and The Black Sphere team continue to do the work we do. It is these types of small rips into the fabric of our rights that will eventually erode and abolish our Republic.  This type of behavior can’t be swept under the rug, it can’t be accepted or ignored, and must be spotlighted. Each time we forge together, we let them know that we are a force to be reckoned with!

Recently the “dumpster diving ordinance” was modified to decriminalize access to public garbage cans. This allows homeless individuals to rummage and remove from a public can; however, littering and trespassing on private property is still against the law.

On behalf of the AMAZING supporters of The Black Sphere, it is so joyful to send these donations to Mr. Kelly and know that it will make a difference in his life.  You have helped to give one of our veterans an opportunity to rebuild and enjoy all the freedoms and opportunities that he fought to protect.

Our heartfelt gratitude to:

K. Martin 100.00 MO
A. Lewis 100.00 TX
M. Smith 50.00 MO
L. Eade 50.00 SC
L. Juenger 50.00 MO
S. Bingham 25.00 CA
K. Schmidt 25.00 FL
R. Holmes 25.00 VA
W. Soviero 25.00 NY
J. Schrader 25.00 IN
J. Brehon 20.00 CO
C. Wood 20.00 CO
J. Hudspeth 20.00 CA
J. Bailey 20.00 GA
G. Kuehn 20.00 NC
R. McAfee 20.00 KS
D. Lammers 20.00 TX
J. Godsey 20.00 AL
T. Ward 20.00 NJ
R. Nickles 15.00 CA
S. Lovette 10.00 TX
J. Rydberg 10.00 NV
C. Powell 10.00 AL
P. Jackson 10.00 CA
L. George 10.00 AR
H. Bowden 10.00 CA
T. Wiggins 10.00 GA
D. Seyb 10.00 IA
G. Clark 10.00 TX
Vintage China 10.00 TX
R. Sackett 10.00 HI
L. Fabans 10.00 CA
F. Johnson 10.00 TX
T. Clifton 10.00 TN
K. Schustereit 10.00 TX
Stinkweed Station 10.00 GA
Schrader 10.00 IN
J. Hill 5.00 OK
V. Weed 5.00 TX
C. Schumacher 5.00 TX
M. Jennings 5.00 ID
D. Krakow 5.00 NY
L. Tompkins 5.00 TX
Thank you!
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