Waiting to Exhale Something Stupid

Terry McMillan, author of Waiting to Exhale and one of Oprah’s favorites has proven that money doesn’t make you smart. Here is her astounding commentary on black crime by whites.

Terry McMillan Waiting to Exhale Something Stupid

So my question for McMillan is who is trying to show they have the power in the epidemic of black boys and men killing other black boys and men?

The problem with Liberals is that they say ignorant things based on color without considering if it still remains stupid when flipped.

Don’t think that McMillan has any real stats on white on black crime, because that would prove to her how profoundly idiotic she is. If she put as much research in her insane comments as her sex books, she might wake up. Oh, but then again, this is the same woman who married a GAY man, so there is likely no help for her.

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